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Face to Face with National Registrar, Sh.K.Giri


Maharishi Institute of Management was founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ji to make education complete, so that every student enjoys great success and fulfillment in personal and professional life. By integrating academic excellence and development of consciousness, education at MIM, prepares students to be leaders of business and industry-the future leaders of India – competent to create a prosperous, progressive and peaceful world.

Our two-years MBA/MCA/PGDBM program (approved by AICTE) is supplemented by Vedic Science of Creative Intelligence and Transcendental Meditation, hence is unique in the whole of India. Our bright and enthusiastic students study the most advanced disciplines of modern management- Natural Law Based Management under the guidance of our highly qualified faculty. The students of MIM are prepared to meet the challenges of the emerging global economy and to assume their rightful role as leaders in a competitive and increasingly technological world.

I am personally very proud of the brilliant future potential global managers of this class, who will bring with them, wherever they go, a talent for great success and good fortune.

--Dr. Girish Chandra Varma



Since there are a number of Management Institutes in our country at present, how do you feel that MIM is an institute with a difference?

Maharishi Institute of Management is a relatively new institute in the management field. But with certain unique features the institute has gone on to create a niche for itself in the field of Management Education. Now what is that Uniqueness that we crave about.

The uniqueness that we crave about is " THE AVAILABILITY OF TOTAL BRAIN POTENTIAL IN EVERY INDIVIDUAL". This scientifically validated finding, on the basis of over 600 Research studies conducted in more than 32 countries, has allowed us to develop a new education system - Maharishiji's Consciousness based Education. This Consciousness based Education allows the individual to understand that the Total Knowledge is available in every individual. Reading of Books and hearing of Lectures are only means of enhancing knowledge. The one and only way of being in possession of Total Knowledge is by enlivening the consciousness.

Everyone should understand that they do not have to search for Knowledge in the outer world, the entire knowledge is available in one's human physiology. This uniqueness is not available in any other institute or university of the world.



Is MIM working strictly as per the vedic concepts of His Holiness Maharishiji and if so, how far are these concepts applicable in the present day world?

To be truthful, No. We have not been able to incorporate it in its Total form. The reason for this is that the Collective consciousness of people has Modern management in it. To convert and bring up the level of Vedic Consciousness will take some time. But in our campuses we have indeed introduced and succeeded to a great level.

In the last few centuries or to be precise last 3-4 centuries, there has been a de gradation in the Standards of Education. What we call as Modern Education took birth. If we look at the accomplishment of the modern education we can find stress, strain and chaos in all department be it Politics, Economics, Society, International Relationship etc.

One other important factor to be noted is the finding of Doctors with regard to Human brain potential utilisation. It is attributed that an Average individual uses only 8 to 10 % of his total brain potential and a Super Intelligent person uses 12 to 15% maximum. Even in modern education terms below 40% is failure.

All this confirms that to bring back Prosperity, Peace and Happiness amongst the people born in this universe, we have to adopt Vedic education. As a matter of fact, Veda means PURE KNOWLEDGE and Vedic education means Pure knowledge based education.



What are the peculiarities of your course curriculum?

We have on the basis of Research studies found that there is still a possibility of providing total education. For this we have incorporated Science of Creative Intelligence/ Vedic Management along with the Modern education. This, we believe, will allow the Education standards to go up.

The practice of Transcendental Meditation and TM-Siddhi programme allows the students to enliven the consciousness and go deeper and deeper into their own self so that they can access the knowledge from the point it actually emanates. That is the point where the knowledge is in its PUREST form.

The other important feature practiced by Maharishi Education system - Consciousness based education is Block system of education, where each subject is completed in 24 days - 4 hours each, period.

What has been the feedback from the various organizations where MIM students are working?

We would like to appreciate and thank the corporate world for the unstinted support that they have provided in our initial days. The appreciation is greater because the Managers that we were giving to them were different from what they have been getting from Management institutes world over.

Another very important factor that gives us great pride is Next to Nil report of Job Hobnobbing by our students. The corporate world has reacted positively to this attribute. They have given elevation to the employees (MIM Graduates) after short exposures and good results.



What are the prospects and future plans of MIM's in India and abroad?

Maharishi Institute of Management is in a unique position. It has been a creative leader in the Management field. It will pursue to provide the best of knowledge to its students. MIM plans to add a new campus to its list at Jabalpur. In the existing campuses, we are planning to introduce BBA, BCA, MBA and MCA.

I can only assure you of one thing and that is, the Maharishi Education system - Consciousness based Education will be adopted by the whole education world by the end of this decade. This is how every individual can attain Total Knowledge or in other words, Perfection in Education.



Since you believe in Full alertness, how this full alertness can be utilized for profitability in a business organization?

Through Transcendental Meditation and TM siddhi programme, every practitioner can enhance his level of consciousness. Once the enhancement of consciousness starts taking place in the individual, he/she gets attuned with the Laws of Nature.

Everyone will accept and appreciate that the supreme administrator of the Universe is Nature. Once you start getting attuned with Laws of Nature, your act reflects Truth, Satisfaction, Peace, Success and Happiness.

I know all of us are striving to achieve this level, be it in personal or professional life. Thus, what we are trying to say is the success is in the Palms of every individual but only those acting in accordance to the Laws of Nature, succeed ultimately. Here success is not just monetary outlook, but Satisfaction, Happiness, Peace and Bliss.



Is Maharishi's vedic management education confined to India only or is it accepted by Business organizations in other countries of the world?

Maharishi's Vedic Management and the Consciousness based Education system is accepted and adopted worldwide. All the Schools, Institutes and Universities run in more than 125 countries in the world follow this education system.

As we had said earlier, the corporate world from all parts have been supportive and appreciative of the quality of students passing out of our system. After analyzing the performance of our students, many corporate leaders have gone on to take initiation in the Transcendental Meditation and TM Siddhi Programme.



How can Transcendental Meditation lead to profitability in a business organization?

Modern Education has led us to believe that Profitability is Monetary benefits that an organization accrues. Transcendental Meditation has proven to be the most effective Performance enhancer in the world.

The regular practice of this art allows every individual to be alert, sincere, disciplined, co-operative, motivated, organized and cool. With these qualities, it is but obvious that the business organizations will make enhanced profit because of better results from one and all.

When we look from the total angle of Personal as well as Professional life, these individual's with their wavelength matching with that of Nature's wave length, success is assured. Here the meaning of success is not just money, but satisfaction, happiness, peace and bliss in all spheres of life.


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