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Managing Global Challenges

Increasing globalization, and second; the transition to knowledge-based business

With regard to the transition to knowledge-based business,I would like to read a quote from the World Bank's "World Development Report 1999/2000:

In industrial economies  the service sector has accounted   for more  than  half  of all output for decades, and a similar shift is;underway in developing countries. The growingimportance of services means that knowledge- how to do things, how to communicate, how to work with other people is becoming ever more important, overshadowing the natural resource base. It means that investment in human capital, including health and education, might become more urgent than investment in physical capital.

In the face of these two majour trends, globalization and the transition to knowledge-base business,it has never been more important for businesses, to find their own sustainable competitive advantage.

The solution is to develop the full creative potential of every individual in your business. This is a new paradigm: Improve the business organization by developing the full potetial of every individual member of the organization. Modern psychology has estimated that most people live only 5 to10 % of their full mental potential. This is like owning a large mansion but somehow only enjoying one or two rooms.Or
like trying to do business when the bank has just notified you that  it  is reducing your credit line.

It is well known that the potential of human consciousness is vast, but sadly,the knowledge to unfold that potential in a systematice and reliable way has been unavailable in the education system of every country.

I am talking about the bottam line : corporate profits. To quote jhon Naisbitt, the well known manage-ment counsultant and author of the book, Reinventing the Corporation : Human resources are any organization's competitive edge...We will not   see profits grow if we do not learn how to grow people.

I remember reading about a study conducted by one of the premier business school in the U.S., the Wharton School of Business. This study interviewed a large number of successful entrepreneurs in an attempt to identify the most important factors that contribute to business success.

Oddly enough, the single most important factor in business success as reported by successful entrepreneurs was good luck.

Certainly other factors such as clear focus,persistence, solid research and good management system were clearly important, but the single most important factor was good luck. From my own experience as a professional investor, I would have to concur thatgood luck is a very mysterious but seemingly necessary component in investment success.

What does this mean? What is good luck?Can it be cultivated? The answer is, Fortunately, yes.

Good luck is just another way of saying,Support of nature Support of nature simplet means support from the field of natural law.Where is natural law? Interestingly, both ancient Vedic knowledge and modern theortical physics, have identified the home of all the laws of nature to be the same reality :pure consciousness.

In the language of physics, it is called the unified field the unmanifest ground state of all the matter and energy fields which,in their manifest forms, constitute the universe in which we find ourselves.

The implications for business management are enormous and profound. In maharishi's words:

Natural law provides the ideal of management. Its infinite organizing power is evident in the perfect orecision and order with which nature automatically administers the infinite diversity of the universe. When the consciousness of the manager aligns itself with the total intelligence of natural law, then the manager can achive any great goal with efficiency and ease and without mistakes.

In conclusion , I wish to summarize a few points: First,the full potential of any business organization can be achieved only by developing the full potential of the individual managers and employees. Second, Conscio-usness, the home of all the laws of nature,is the most fundamental resource of any business.Third, adopting the approacches of maharishi's Vedic Management is the single most effective way to increase corporate value creation. Hire the skilled hand of nature, and I assure you, your business will prosper.

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