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The Chennai MIM is located on 5 acre plot at Thiruverkadu on Poonamallee High Road on the Chennai-Bangalore highway (about 15 kms away from its present location). The campus located in the holy spot of Goddess Karumari Amman, vibrates positivity and strong inner strength. Institute is most modern construction with offices, classrooms, Library, Computer Centre, Faculty room, and a kitchen with a dining hall to accommodate fifty persons, constructed according to Maharishi Sthapatya Veda. This new campus is designed according to the principles of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda -- Vastu Vidya-- to ensure a successful and productive learning environment in harmony with Natural Law, which promotes the wholesome development of the student's personality -- physical, intellectual, and creative.


The Institute's air-conditioned library has an excellent academic ambience to command a large readership-students, not only of M.I.M., but of other institutions and universities-particularly Madras and Annamalai; and academics and visiting faculty. It has over 1500 books on Management, Marketing, Finance and Computer Science and has subscribed to newspapers, journals, periodicals, and magazines (Indian & foreign). In addition, the library has a substantial collection of international business video tapes. The Institute has access to a virtual library, which makes instantly available to students a vast collection of business journals from around the world.

Computer Centre

A well established computer lab with LAN (Local Area Network) workstations is fully functional. The computers has access to variety of the latest management software and user-friendly packages, including simulation package(Marketing, Finance, HRM), office productivity suites, compilers and Database Management software packages.

M.I.M. Chennai connected through internet facility which enables students to access the latest state-of-the-art business information. It also plays a vital role in co-ordinating with the international professors and research.

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