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M.I.M. Hyderabad is presently situated in the heart of twin city at Secunderabad.This new campus is to be built according to the principles of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda -- Vastu Vidya -- to ensure a successful and productive learning environment in harmony with Natural Law, which will promote the wholesome development of the student's personality -- physical, intellectual, and creative.


The library is well stocked with a wide range of management and computer literature, this is one of the focal points of the Institute. An excellent selection of Indian and foreign journals and periodicals in functional and general areas to maintain up-to-date exposure. M.I.M. is working on an air-conditioned reading hall, big enough to accommodate over 70 students. The library will subscribe to almost all the major newspapers, magazines, and periodicals for keeping the students well informed about the business environment world-wide. The Institute is also in the process of acquiring access to a virtual library of which will make instantly available to students a vast collection of business journals from around the world.

Syndicate Room and Seminar Halls

These will be some of the most dynamic and interactive facilities on the campus with the latest audio and video conferencing facilities. Regular guest lectures and industrial seminars will be organised by the students in the Seminar Hall which will have overhead projectors, slide projectors, and other audio-visual equipment. These facilities will be utilised for the group discussions and presentations of the students and also for the two-way live video-conferencing with the international faculty, other M.I.M.s and business leaders around the world.

Computer Centre

A well established computer lab with 22 LAN (Local Area Network) workstation is available. The computers have a variety of the latest management and user-friendly packages, including office productivity suites, plus compilers and Database Management software packages.

M.I.M. Hyderabad is trying to get connected to a Terminal Dial-up ISP internet facility (graphics & text), which will enable students to access the latest state-of-the-art business information. It will also play a vital role in co-ordinating with the international professors and research. Each student will have access to e-mail through internet. The campus is connected to high-bandwidth ISDN lines for live video-conferencing and faster internet access.

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